What the Future of Bitcoin Looks Like and How You Can Still Make Millions From Investing

We all know what Bitcoin is by now, with the endless media attention and constant talk of investors becoming multi-millionaires – but have we missed the trend? Can we still make money, and lots of it, from investing in Bitcoin?


Interestingly, history would tell us yes. Mainly because when it first emerged, Bitcoin was the first of its kind, a cryptocurrency that arguably ‘took the world by storm’. Financial experts across the globe had varying opinions on how successful it would be, albeit there wasn’t much historical data to go on considering this was a new concept. Some of the most outspoken financial experts, however, were adamant that Bitcoin was doomed for failure, regardless of the attention frenzy that surrounded it.

Why Is Bitcoin At All-Time Highs? – Forbes Advisor

Bitoin proved these financial experts wrong, however, and are still going strong a decade since its inception. With millions of people across the globe actively buying Bitcoin, it’s no surprise that it’s still making investors mega money. Bitcoin is now valued at its highest ever price, proving that even big crashes like that of the ‘Cryptocurrency Bubble’ back in 2018, cannot stop this game-changing currency.


History of Bitcoin Over the Last Decade


It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the cryptocurrency giants though, as just like other currencies on the market, it cannot escape the inevitable crashes that come with a surge in popularity. This is exactly what happened to Bitcoin in 2018 when it saw its biggest crash to date.


A multitude of events led to the 2018 Bitcoin crash, two huge factors were that social media giants like Facebook had refused adverts for cryptocurrencies on their platform, meaning a huge revenue driver was lost and secondly, Bitcoin had boomed in 2017 with its value soaring over 900% on the previous year, making a crash almost inevitable. The crash came so hard and fast that experts were deeming it to be the “end of cryptocurrency”; Bitcoin itself lost 80% of its value in under a week, with each day averaging a loss of nearly 20%. Shockingly, Bitcoin managed to build itself back up, even managing to get back to its original value before the crash, leading more people to invest.


The 2018 Bitcoin crash wasn’t the only struggle Bitcoin has had, the second crash came in April of 2021. Again, with Bitcoin figures the highest they’ve ever been, breaking records across the board, it was almost inevitable that another crash would come. This time, however, the crash also affected Bitcoin’s closest competitors like that of Ethereum and Litecoin. All in all, the cryptocurrency market lost close to 300 billion dollars in just two weeks, with Bitcoin being hit one of the hardest. Yet again, Bitcoin managed to bounce back from the crash, being valued even higher than before the crash in late April 2021. The outcome? More people becoming interested in Bitcoin and seeing its security, even when crashes occur.


Who has Invested in Bitcoin


Globally, it’s estimated that over 100 million people from a vast array of different countries own Bitcoin. The USA is one of the leading countries for Bitcoin users with a reported 14% of its entire population owning Bitcoin. Is that why there’s been so many Bitcoin millionaires in America?


Some might argue that because of well-known figures like tech entrepreneur Elon Musk openly advocating cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin as the future of currency, it would have a huge impact on the US, especially since Tesla is set to make more from Bitcoin investments than from its own products in 2021. Same goes for other famous figures like 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg, albeit maybe to a different target audience. It’s interesting, however, that the popularity in Bitcoin is growing more and more widespread, as we learn of how much people have made from their early investments with little or no effort on their part.


How do People Invest


One of the main attractions to Bitcoin is how easy it is to buy and sell with – making it user-friendly and accessible to all. With the emergence of new technologies like the third party automated crypto-trading platforms, it’s opened up Bitcoin investing to a whole new audience that might never have invested before, or have little or no knowledge in the market. These platforms have proven to be hugely successful, especially since they only require a $250 starting deposit to trade and use an intelligent bot in the background to find and trade on the best deals for its users.


Better yet, the financial market offerings have widened purely because of the popularity of cryptocurrency and mainly, that of Bitcoin. Exchange platforms such as Binance, CoinBase and KuCoin all allow you to buy and trade using Bitcoin, with varying prices and levels of confidence in trading.


Future of Bitcoin for the Next Decade


Since 2009, Bitcoin has made thousands of people across the world millionaires, even from early investments of mere hundreds of dollars. It’s defied all global financial forecasters who presumed that Bitcoin would eventually fade out, instead, it’s continued to grow and grow substantially, regardless of its two big crashes. It’s predicted that by the end of 2021, Bitcoin will be worth the highest it ever has been, potentially in the millions. So it’s widely considered that now, more than ever, is the best time to invest in Bitcoin so you can reap the rewards later in the year.