How Bitcoin has Performed Over the Past Decade and Why You Should Still Invest

Bitcoin is arguably one of the most talked about phenomena in the world to date, especially since financial experts back in 2009 were adamant it wasn’t going to “take off”. The emergence of this cryptocurrency and its success took everyone by surprise, most of all the financial forecasters who would never have estimated that Bitcoin’s value would be so high just ten years since its inception. After making millionaires out of tens of thousands of people across the globe, and becoming one of the most lucrative investment options on the market, it’s no surprise why Bitcoin’s popularity has considered to surge. But how many people are still buying or investing in Bitcoin today?

Bitcoin Can't Buy You A Tesla Car, But Must You Still Invest In The  Cryptocurrency?

People Investing in Bitcoin


You’ll be surprised to learn that the estimated figure for people who own Bitcoin is over 100 million adults worldwide. That means that there are more Bitcoin owners in the world than the entire population of the United Kingdom. In America alone, it’s reported that over 20 million people own Bitcoin, a huge 14% of their entire population. These numbers are almost unheard of, especially since Bitcoin is still a relatively new revelation, but there’s a reason why so many people, from all backgrounds, are actively using this cryptocurrency – it’s a money-maker. Put that alongside the fact that it’s one of the safest and most secure currencies in the world today, and it’s value is considering to soar, you can start to understand why millions of people are still actively investing and buying Bitcoin.


If you need proof, turn your attention to the likes of tech giant and entrepreneur Elon Musk. Potentially one of the most influential and innovative people on the planet, Musk is a firm believer in the capabilities and future of Bitcoin, deeming it to be “the future of currency”. He’s such an avid believer, in fact, that he bought 1.3 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin himself.


He’s not the only famous person to actively encourage Bitcoin usage, Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary is another. For someone that was very much against the emergence of Bitcoin just a few years ago, it’s now surprising to learn that 3% of O’Leary’s entire wealth is now in Bitcoin. So how do you go about making so much money from this cryptocurrency?


Making Money with Bitcoin


As with all financial markets, the cryptocurrency market also fluctuates meaning your investments can both increase and decrease. However, Bitcoin’s user base remains loyal to them, despite the new cryptocurrency players on the market like big rival Ethereum. This is mainly due to the fact that it is relatively easy to make money from Bitcoin, especially if you use a third party auto-trading platform that does all of the investments in the backend for you. If you’re new to investing, for example, you can use a Bitcoin auto-trading platform to invest on your behalf using an intelligent bot that works in the background for you, working to your set rules and parameters. Deposits start from only $250 and reports claim that users have earned over 20 times their initial deposit.

Pair this with the fact that Bitcoin is continuously growing across the world, with government bodies in talks about making cryptocurrency a valid payment method in years to come, and you can see why people are still investing in this crypto giant. The Japanese government has recently agreed that cryptocurrency is now an accepted currency in Japan which undoubtedly pathes the way for more countries to follow. The result? More people wanting Bitcoin before this starts to happen.


What About the Bitcoin Crashes?


It would be almost impossible for a currency not to crash, especially since we’ve seen it with every currency since the start of time and it’s no different with Bitcoin. The difference is, however, that Bitcoin is still a new currency and has outperformed all other currencies in its initial first decade, with record-breaking value numbers year on year. The most interesting difference with Bitcoin and the unavoidable financial crashes is that Bitcoin has managed to bounce back from two big crashes, and bounce back so successfully that their value soars past what it was prior to the crashes.


Take the 2018 cryptocurrency crash that saw Bitcoin lose an estimated 80% of its overall value. Most considered this to be the end to the “bubble” that crypto had found itself in, but against all of the odds, Bitcoin managed to surpass expectations and even exceed the value it had previously recorded before the crash.


The April 2021 Bitcoin crash was also no exception. In just 7 days, Bitcoin managed to lose nearly a 5th of its value, sparking worldwide panic that the crypto market was to end. This reaction wasn’t surprising or that dramatic considering the fact that reports suggest that over 200 billion dollars were lost on the crypto market in that week alone. Surely, the experts thought, Bitcoin couldn’t recover from another substantial crash, or at least, not any time soon. Again Bitcoin defied the odds and bounced back from the crash, and quickly, as in the next 2 weeks, Bitcoin was again recording a massive value once again.


Should I Invest in Bitcoin?


Statistics show that Bitcoin today is worth nearly 600 times how much it was worth last year, even though they saw a rapid decline in April’s crash. Now, Bitcoin is up to $54,000, one of the highest we’ve seen in recent years meaning you should definitely be investing and soon.


With its added level of security, you can rest assured that your Bitcoin is always safe and secure, unlike many of the other investment opportunities that you can find. Pair this with the successes of some of the biggest names in the world like Elon Musk, and Bitcoin’s massive estimated value of nearly 400,000 dollars by the end of 2021, and it’s an opportunity that’s just far too good to miss out on.